Nike SB and @Skate Like A Girl proudly present “Transenders”, a film exploring how the power of community allows you to be your true self, overcome failure, and transcend fear.

In its 22-year existence, Skate Like a Girl has utilized skateboarding as a vehicle to promote confidence, leadership, and social justice, creating space for stories like Alexa’s and countless others. The parallels between the work this organization has been doing for decades and the accomplishments of non-traditional skaters are boundless and timeless.

The Skate Like a Girl capsule, including SB Dunk Low and apparel is available Saturday, October 15 in select skate shops and Tuesday, October 18 in SNKRS.

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Directed by Diane Russo Cheng (she/her)
Director of Photography Madeline Kate Kann (she/her)
Editor: Sophia Lou (she/her)

Alexa Berriochoa (she/her)
Alyssa Johnson (they/them)
Osha Brown-Bear (they/he)
Lou Williams (they/he)
Mia Fae (she/her)
McKenna Mortensen (they/she)
Gabe Paulk (they/them)
Kim Woozy (she/her)
Kristin Ebeling (she/her)
Kwame Salmi-Adubofour (he/him)
Finn Bradberry (they/them)
Ash Freeman (she/her)
Daisy Torres (she/they)
Xander Schulte (they/them)
Pearl Lam (she/her)
Gina Lee (she/her)
Deej Redoble (she/they)
Anneka Sulzbach (she/her)
Jess Berg

Production: CURATOR
Executive Producer: Hayley Young
Co-Executive Producer: Heather Posten
Producer: Honna Kimmerer
Contributing Producer: Elie Goral
Additional funding by COLOR Creative
Coordinating Producer: Ian De Borja
Production Coordinator: Ebonee Johnson

Post Production: Cartel
Sophia Lou, Editor
Caylee Banz. Post Production Producer
Selina Sandoval, Associate Producer
Meagen Carroll, Head of Production
Viet-An Nguyen, Executive Producer
Lauren Bleiweiss, Managing Director

Final Audio: Forager
Bobb Barito, Master Audio
Ali Webb, Executive Producer

Final Color: Picture Shop
Elodie Ichter, Colorist

Justin Brown, Camera Operator (he/him)
Candace Fields, 1st AC (they/them)
Eliza Valley, 2nd AC (she/her)
Ross Has A Drone, Drone Op (he/him)
Paul Short, Assistant Drone Op (he/him)
Kimmy Komrska, Camera Production Assistant (she/her)
Brad Fox, Gaffer (he/him)
Rachel Weinkauf, Grip (she/her)
Valdemar Huguet, Audio Engineer (he/him)
Therese Lefebvre, Stylist (she/her)
Tela Moss, Media Manager (she/her)
Alex Vahle, VFX Artist (he/him)
Hunter Raab, Assistant VFX (he/him)
Andrew Okada, Social Content Editor (he/him)
Cherlyn Russo, Graphic Artist (she/her)
Lily Rouillard, Production Assistant (she/they)
Alex Nagode, Production Assistant (he/him)
Keith Bohrer, Production Assistant (he/him)
Milo Kennedy, Production Assistant (she/her)
Kris Hampton, Medic (he/him)
Steven Mellor, Shuttle Driver (he/him)

Archival skate footage provided by
Ian Ostrowski
Kristin Ebeling
Sean Lucey
Lou Williams

Original Score by Reenna of Sympathetic Recordings
“In The Shade” written by Marissa Paternoster
Performed by Marissa Paternoster and Angie Boylan

All Together Skatepark
Koerner Camera
Seattle Film + Music Office
Washington Department of Transportation
Seattle Department of Transportation
Seattle Mariners
Go-4 Nuge
Lower Woodland Skatepark
Jefferson Park Skatepark
Kim Woozy
Kristin Ebeling
Kwame Salmi-Adubofour
Finn Bradbury
Andrea Ostrovsky

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